My Wedding Speech Story!

Hey, Baden here.

If you’re looking for a way you can give an entertaining and unforgettable groom speech, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly encourage you to keep reading …

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Because this is my uncensored wedding speech story.  It’s the ups, the downs, and then finally, the one thing that did help me to create and deliver a really great, entertaining and unforgettable speech on my wedding day.

I’m not sure how good you are at speaking in front of lots people, but I SUCK.  I absolutely HATE having to get up and talk.  It has to be one of the most frightening things I can think of.

If you are anything like me, just the thought of public speaking is enough to bring on massive amounts of fear, nervousness and stress.  So I’m sure you can imagine how I was feeling in those months leading up to our big day.  Hell,  you may even be suffering those exact same feelings yourself right now!

Don’t stress though.  With the right help, you CAN overcome those feelings, develop the confidence to deliver a really great groom speech, and make it the most memorable speech of your wedding day.

To be honest, I put off doing anything about it for ages.  I just kept putting it aside, until months had passed by and the wedding date was fast approaching.  I guess I was just too scared to face the fact that there was NO WAY out of giving my wedding speech – THE GROOM MUST SPEAK!

Anyway, I had about a month and a half of preparation time left, so I decided to get my act together and start.  I didn’t have any idea about how to write a speech for a wedding, and I didn’t really have any family or friends I could turn to for advice.

So I searched the Internet for help.  I came across a few sites with free examples, and I started using those.  I really started to get on a roll, and my speech stated to take formation.  But it was lacking something – it was missing crucial elements that would make it both thoughtful and entertaining.

Well, about a week out from the wedding day, I decided my speech was shit, and I canned it.  One week to go till our big day and I had NO speech, and worse, NO idea what I was going to do.

Desperate now to come up with something, I went back to searching the Internet for answers.  After hours of searching for something free again, I decided to bite the bullet and buy this E-book that I kept coming across.

And you know what?  I’m SO glad I did.  This instantly down-loadable guide to groom wedding speeches, gave me everything I needed, to create and deliver the best possible speech I could have hoped for, and really was my saving grace.

Not only do you get access to twenty professionally written groom speeches – where all you do is add names and places to have an instant speech – but you also get a ton more essential information in helping you write your speech, and understand your responsibilities as a groom.

You get everything from how to write your speech from scratch, to detailed tips on overcoming public speaking fear and stage fright so that you can deliver a confident, flawless speech with the least amount of pre-speech nerves and jitters.  It teaches you the correct etiquette in being a Groom, so you know EXACTLY what is required of you, and it also has pages of funny quotes and one-liners you can use to add that all important humor and make it the most entertaining speech of your wedding.


Without this guide, I wouldn’t have been able to pull of my wedding speech and make it the success that it was.  And to be able to help me in such a short amount of time was just amazing.

I did have one gripe with it though, and that was the fact that I found it hard to personalize the templates to suit my personality and style.  The guide does promote the fact that the templates are easy to personalize, but it doesn’t show you HOW to do that if you are not good at personalizing others’ words.  I found it difficult, and  I actually needed the help of my wife’s maid of honor to sort it out.

Once I had that sorted out though, this guide was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and NEEDED.  It was the best thing I did to help me with my groom speech.

I highly recommend this guide to anyone who is looking for a way to create and deliver a highly entertaining and memorable wedding speech.


All the best for YOUR Big Day